How to Choose Photos for Your Design Project

Certain graphical projects like creating a book cover, an infomercial or an album cover require just the perfect photo to make them come together in the right way. There is absolutely no shortage of stock photos to use for your design project. If you want the best quality rare photograph, you may have to pay. Yet, there are just as many free photo downloads to choose from.

Whether you are choosing to use a free photo or a premium photo, the rules for choosing the perfect photos for your design remain the same. The following are just tips to help you;

  1. Always Choose High Quality

This one is a no-brainer. For your graphics to be good enough to represent your products or services, they need to be the highest quality you can find. You may have to pay for a really great photo but don’t disregard the free ones, you might just get very lucky and find a great photo for free.

  1. Choose a Memorable Picture

With so many things going on at the same time online, you only have a very tiny window of opportunity to grab your audience’s attention before they are distracted by the next viral video. The only way to grab and retain their attention is to choose a memorable image. And by memorable, we don’t mean controversial or socking unless that is somehow relevant to the message you are trying to convey. The trick is in choosing an image that your audience will find relatable.

  1. Know the Purpose

Don’t choose an image just because it is beautiful or you can’t seem to forget. You want to have a clear indication of the purpose of the image before choosing the image. What message are you going to try to convey using the image? Will you need the eyes to send that message? Where will your call to action be and how will the features in the photo affect the message?

  1. Consider Your Brand

You also want to ensure that the photo you choose fits into your brand otherwise your audience will likely be confused by the new message. Sometimes though, it can be very hard to find a picture that feels like part of your brand. But this is where photo editing software like Photoshop can be invaluable. Just make sure you know how to use these photo editors or hire someone who understands how they work.

  1. Take Your Time

Lastly, understand that with the vast number of images available online, you may never be able to work your way through all of the trying to find the right one. But you can also take the time to find at least 10 images with some similarities and then narrow it down to the one you need. Don’t settle for the first image you find. This is true both for images you purchase and those you download for free. It might help if you start your search early.